[Oeva-list] job placement

Robbie Pitts pitts.robbie at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 12:50:28 PDT 2008

my name is Robbie Pitts.  I am moving to Portland Oregon from Asheville N.C.  I would like to find a automotive conversion job.  I have experience in gas and liquid fuel conversions on my own car and my friends cars.  I also have six months of education at tech school in automotive fuel systems.  My current job is electrician assistant and have learned about industrial wiring including solar and electronically controlled systems.  I also have a novice background in electronics.  I am a hard worker and believe strongly that we should move away from combustion engine technology because it pollutes the environment. If there are any jobs available or if anyone just needs a good assistant e mail me at 
robbie4000000 at yahoo.com 
or call at
thank you very much
Robbie Pitts


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