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Anyone want to sell some OEVA tee shirts and bumper stickers at the booth?


Rick Barnes

OEVA Treas


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Hi All,

  The EVent out at the Washington County Fairgrounds is going to be great!
Oregon State University is bringing their large solar trailer with fold-out
solar panels and we get to plug into it to charge our EVs.  The EVent is
free and parking is free too.  You can get all the details on the Show at
the following link:


Big thanks to those who are willing to attend the booth during this weekend.
Gary and I will have our vehicles there.  For those of you who are attending
the booth, here's a FAQ on our vehicles (from evalbum.com):

Gary's Honda Insight
(Gary has upgraded to lithium batteries)

Tim's Porsche 914

Even if you can't attend the table, I hope a bunch of you can come out and
support us.  Have a great weekend!

Tim Kutscha
OEVA Chair


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