[Oeva-list] Battery boxes for sale

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Wed Sep 10 18:16:47 PDT 2008

Thanks for the interest.  The battery boxes have all been sold.


Ralph Merwin writes:
> I have several aluminum battery boxes to sell.
> Four of them are sized for Optima Yellow Tops.  Three hold four Optimas
> side-by-side, the last holds eight Optimas in two rows of four side-by-side.
> The 8-Optima box has a lid.
> Three other boxes are for SAFT STM-100MR NiCADs.  One holds three modules
> end-to-end, one holds five side-by side, and the last holds 20 modules in
> five rows of four modules.  This last box was built by SAFT for the Pivco
> CitiBee vehicles (ancestor to the THink).
> Pictures and rough measurements are online at:
> http://picasaweb.google.com/prizmev/BatteryBoxes
> I'm hoping to get rid of these rather quickly, and so am selling them at
> the scrap metal price of 80 cents per pound.  Weights are listed on first
> picture for each box on the page above.
> I'll be taking these to the scrap metal recycler this weekend, so if you're
> interested in anything let me know ASAP!
> Ralph
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