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Jim Berry performanceaev at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 13 09:07:13 PDT 2008

     I feel your pain in regards to the response to the treasurer position. If no one voluteers to take the position off of your hands I will assume it for the next year. Let me explain why I am not pursuing it with gusto, and this may offend some people reading this. When involved with something I feel strongly about, in this case EV's and I have a goal, I tend to push things... hard,  and when people are not moving at a brisk pace to get things done, I tend to move them to the side and forge ahead as I have no need for feet draggers. I realize this position is for treasurer, but regardless, I tend to take things over and I am not PC about it, which is why I tend to shy away from being part of the established heiarchy. I tend to surround myself with people that don't even recognize that there is a box let alone conceive of thinking out of one.
     The fact that no one has come forward (that I have seen) to volunteer for this position tells a lot about how vested the membership is in the OEVA. Unless we put forward a great deal of effort, we will continue to be a little backwater EV club in a state that has major aspirations to be a green leader. I feel we should be, and have the ability to be a mover and shaker in at least a few facets of the blossoming EV industry. After this seemingly long ramble, I have a lot of strings I need to grab ahold of and weave together, but I think it would behoove the club to have a treasurer and it appears that you are not so into the position anymore, so I will weave another loose end into my projects if you need it, if you and the membership can put up with me.

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