[Oeva-list] Large capacitors available

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Tue Sep 16 18:16:53 PDT 2008

The caps have already been spoken for.


Ralph Merwin writes:
> I have 14, 40MF 370VAC rated capacitors available for free.  These were
> used in an "ugly box" charger several years ago.  The charger was
> disassembled some time ago and now I'm looking for a home for the caps.
> These are fairly large, liquid-filled caps made by Ronken.  The number
> on the side says Ronken 76E79406K80D.
> As I mentioned above, these are available for free, but you have to take
> them all.
> Ralph
> 503-284-1104
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