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A crowd of 500 key influencers from the private sector, government, academia
and the media filled Microsoft's large meeting facility in Redmond for the
Sept. 4-5 conference organized by Discovery Institute's Cascadia
Center, "Beyond
Oil: Transforming
Gripping presentations by former CIA Director James Woolsey, electric car
systems entrepreneur Shai Agassi of Better Place, and Microsoft's
sustainability guru Rob Bernard.

Cascadia Prospectus<http://www.cascadiaprospectus.org/2008/09/beyond_oil_conference_wrapup.php>:
"'Beyond Oil' Media Coverage, During And After The Event
Last updated 9/16/08.

"Only Intervention Of Electric Car Can Break Oil
David Seago, Tacoma News Tribune, 9/14/08.

"Making A Bold Case For Moving Our Economy Beyond
Glenn R. Pascall, Puget Sound Business Journal, 9/12/08.

"Future Of Transportation, Funding and Climate
TVW, 9/12/08. (Slade Gorton, National Transportation Policy Project; Paul
Brubaker, USDOT's Research & Innovative Technology Administration; David
Kaplan, V2Green; WSDOT Sec. Paula Hammond; Bill Rogers, Idaho National
Laboratory; Neil Schuster, American Assn. of Motor Vehicles Administrators.
Preceded by a presentation from Admiral Dennis Blair, Securing America's
Future Energy.)

Rob Bernard Video: "The Road Ahead <http://www.discovery.org/a/7071>," TVW,
9/11/08. (Microsoft's chief environmental strategist talks transportation,
technology and environment. Preceded by Don Foley's update on national 'X
Prize' car rally, King County Executive Ron Sims, and welcoming remarks from
Discovery Institute's President Bruce Chapman).

"Electric Cars, Biofuels Compete For Attention At Cascadia
EV World, 9/10/08.

"Plug-in Cars Give Owners A Real Jolt Of
Debera Carlton Harrell, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 9/9/08.

James Woolsey Video: "The Case For Change" <http://www.discovery.org/a/7041>,
TVW, 9/9/08. (Former CIA Director Woolsey solo, with introduction from U.S.
Rep. Dave Reichert; then joined by Chelsea Sexton, K.C. Golden; and followed
by Peter Jackson).

"The Zen Of ZENN: Clean
David Seago, *Inside The Editorial Page* blog, Tacoma News Tribune, 9/8/09.

"Beyond Oil: Energy Rush TV At
Energy Rush TV blog, 9/8/09.

"Biofuel Musses Up Electric Car
Angel Gonzalez, Seattle Times, 9/7/09.

"The American Politics Behind Rising Gas
Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun, 9/6/08.

"Former CIA Boss Says Americans Are Funding The Bad
Don Cayo, *Globalization - For Better Or Worse* blog, Vancouver Sun, 9/6/08.

"Beyond Oil <http://clearcoolhead.blogspot.com/2008/09/beyond-oil.html>,"
Eric Berman, *Random Political Commentary* blog, 9/6/08.

"American Business Driving A New Car Culture<http://www.discovery.org/a/6991>,"
Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun, 9/5/08.

"Report From The Trenches: 'Beyond Oil' Conference In Redmond,
Gordon Feller (CEO, Urban Age Institute), in Green Car Advisor, Edmunds.com,

"Can The Developing World Dodge The Rich World's
Don Cayo, *Globalization - For Better Or Worse* blog, Vancouver Sun, 9/5/08.

"CEOs: Surprise Backers Of Cap-and-Trade; Obama, McCain Like Electric
Aaron Corvin, *Washington CEO* blog, 9/5/08.

"Thank God For HOV
David Seago, *Inside The Editorial Page* blog, Tacoma News Tribune, 9/5/08.

"Expert: Peak Oil Is Real, Electrifying Transportation Is The
Aaron Corvin, *Washington CEO* blog, 9/4/08.

"Beyond Oil <http://blogs.thenewstribune.com/oped/2008/09/04/beyond_oil>,"
David Seago, *Inside The Editorial Page* blog, Tacoma News Tribune, 9/4/08.

*"Beyond Oil" Pre-event Coverage*

"'Beyond Oil: Transforming Transportation' Conference In
Green Motorist, 9/3/08.

"Transportation Solutions To America's Oil Addiction Focus Of
Energy Daily, 9/3/03.

"Transportation Solutions To America's Oil Addiction Focus Of
Forbes.com, 9/3/08.

"Oil-free Snohomish County? It's No Longer A Pipe
Steve Marshall & Bruce Agnew, Everett Herald, 9/2/08.

"Transportation: A Better Grid <http://www.discovery.org/a/6981>," Seattle
Post-Intelligencer editorial, 9/2/08.

"Northwest Could Be A Leader In Electric Transport
Steve Marshall & Bruce Agnew, Puget Sound Business Journal, 9/1/08.

"Big Post-oil Conference To Have Electric Cars, Bigwig
Jared Paben, Bellingham Herald, 8/26/08.

Dave Ross Show <http://www.discovery.org/a/6921>, KIRO-AM 710 Seattle,
8/22/08. (Guests: Steve Marshall, Anne Korin, Chelsea Sexton).

"Trucks - From Delivery Vans To Big Rigs - Need To Get Efficient
Steve Marshall & Bruce Agnew, Puget Sound Business Journal, 8/18/08.

"Turbulence In Air Travel: What High Fuel Costs Mean To
Steve Marshall & Bruce Agnew, 8/4/08.

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