[Oeva-list] DC to 3 phase AC inverter/controller

Nev Okyay nevokyay at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 10:44:28 PDT 2008

>From the evalbum I could see only two such systems:
azure and siemens.  In each case you have to purchase
the inverter/motor combo together.

Is there any other options for DC to 3 phase
inverter?  In particular something that is generic
enough to be connected to any 3 phase motor.

I ask this question because for a comparable power
rating, AC motors are obtainable easily and at much
lower cost.  I am guessing that the
is probably more expensive than the DC controllers
such as Curtis.

As in the two manufacturers above (Siemens and Azure),
if the 3 phase motor is packaged together with the
controller, then there is no price advantage on the
motor anyways..

any thoughts on this?


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