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Party Update - going, going…
Last month's newsletter (Let's Party!) announced a very special upcoming event for Plug In America on September 27th in Southern California at the Culver City home of Chris Paine, Director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?". RSVPs are coming in steadily, so if you want to join us at this engagement, please go to www.pluginamerica.org/party soon! Even if you can't come, you can help support us by going to our online Silent Auction (see below). Here, you will have a chance to purchase unique items that can't be had elsewhere.
Here's an update: Chris Paine and Chelsea Sexton will kick off the evening and introduce our two special guest speakers, Dan Neil, and R. James Woolsey.
Many of you have read Dan's Los Angeles Times auto column and know that he won a Pulitzer Prize in 2004 for his column Rumble Seat. The Pulitzer board described his automobile reviews as "blending technical expertise with offbeat humor and astute cultural criticism."
Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey will speak on a serious topic -- national security -- but his presentation will surprise even the most serious of us.

Last but not least, the skies will be glowing with a special appearance by a very rare car -- the first Tesla that came off the production line -- the Tesla P1. This beauty may be joined by another rare car.
And don't be surprised if the cameras start rolling. Chris Paine will shoot parts of the evening for his new documentary, "Revenge of the Electric Car".
Since so many guests are coming after the AltCar Expo, we expect the attire to be casual. Indeed, since the host's house is undergoing a major remodel, the party will be out of doors where we can enjoy the sunset and a poolside setting.
An Electrifying Shopping Experience - Please Support Our Silent Auction!

Have a look! Plug In America's Silent Auction is online now at www.pluginamerica.cmarket.com.
Support Plug In America by purchasing something special. The holidays are coming soon! Many of these offerings are not available in stores. For instance, you can help out with a new movie by Chris Paine, ride in an electric boat, and you can dine with board member and actress Alexandra Paul.
You'll need to provide a credit card to prove seriousness and legitimacy to the process.
You can make special arrangements to pay via personal check or PayPal or credit card. Some items can be bought outright - other items will continue to be bid on at the Plug In America party. Please email events at pluginamerica.org if you have any questions. Many thanks to those who have donated unique products and services.
Plug In America has grown almost entirely from the tireless efforts of a talented and professional volunteer board of directors who joined together out of a passion to stop the auto companies from destroying the 1990s generation of electric cars. Fast forward many years later, and there is tremendous work to be done. Thank you for supporting our work at this critical juncture.
Electric Charging Time Victory From CARB
It is worth mentioning that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has postponed its rulemaking on the electric vehicle charging requirements of the Hybrid Electric Vehicles Test Procedures.
CARB stated in a written memo that the charging requirements will be considered in a future rulemaking that is not yet scheduled.
Everyone at Plug In America has breathed a sigh of relief.
CARB's proposed charging requirements would have mandated a four-hour fast charging for all CARB-certified zero emission vehicles. Earlier in August Plug In America sent a formal commentary to CARB detailing how onerous the four-hour charging time mandate would be, and questioned why this limitation would not apply to other alternative fueled vehicles, such as compressed natural gas. The fact that the charging requirement has been postponed indefinitely suggests that it may not show up again. Additional information on these activities is posted to this web site: www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/zevprog/hevtest/hevtest.htm
Recommended Reading:

Coming Clean - Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal
by Michael Brune, Executive Director, Rainforest Action Network
published by Sierra Club Books
Michael Brune begins his tale of America's entrenched fossil fuel addiction with a quote by Victor Hugo: "There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."
According to Brune, the time has come, and the time is up. He presents a compelling case for the big clean-up with relentless clarity that compels us all to act. If widely known, the facts in this book could serve to awaken America from its all-too-familiar status quo, business-as-usual stupor.
Brune also documents the passion and intensity of the advocacy wave for electric transportation and the people involved, including many behind the scenes here at Plug In America. Brune's organization Rainforest Action Network was instrumental in teaming up with Plug In America to organize and orchestrate actions against GM, Toyota and Ford.
Coming Clean presents the case for unleashing America from its savage slavery to fossil fuels and includes real world solutions. More importantly, though, we learn HOW to affect the cure. This is recommended reading.
Plug In America Sets Up An Infrastructure Committee
A "plug-in future" is almost here as we look forward to the release of several production electric vehicles in the next few years. With foresight and planning, cities, neighborhood groups and major developers are already considering how to incorporate charging stations into new housing, shopping districts and public parking areas. Private companies are starting to envision how they might set up opportunities for their employees to keep vehicles juiced up. How do local policies and efforts further or encumber such efforts? How does the word get out so that the wheel does not have to be reinvented?
Plug In America is fortunate to have the support of many talented high-level volunteers. Now we are seeking qualified participants for an Infrastructure Committee that can serve as a hub for communication among architects, city planners, electricians, policy makers, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified professionals who are furthering LEED buildings and neighborhoods, and others. Our aim is to advance the consideration of an EV infrastructure and how it is integrated into green building and city & regional planning.
Plug In America will convene and chair this group whose members will start meeting in October via conference call. While a detailed work plan will ultimately be decided, Plug In America proposes to identify and tackle a real life project in a jurisdiction that shares our vision. Your suggestions and thoughts are welcome even if you have no time to work on a committee. Please email your interest in participating to infrastructure at pluginamerica.org.
Great News

Automotive Magazine Ranks Plug In America: Plug In America was named as one of Automotive Magazine's top five "key players" in its October 2008 issue. We are considered one of the most influential nonprofit organizations pursuing Greens Dreams of an environmental cause.
Thumbs Up from the IRS: Plug In America received official word from the Internal Revenue Service that we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, applicable retroactively as of January 2008. Any donations made during 2008 are considered fully tax deductable to the extent of the law. We wish to thank the Electric Auto Association (EAA) for helping us during our inception by being our legal fiscal agent, accepting membership dues directed to Plug In America and teaming up with us for many great events. How does Plug In America now differ from the EAA? We are less of a hands-on vehicle educational group and more of a consumer advocacy and policy entity. Plug In America attracts people who may be passionate about an electric transportation future, but who may not want to understand all of the inner workings under the hood of a car. 

Plug In America Bids Adieu to the Solar Taxi!

As the Solar Taxi winds down its American tour and heads north from the east coast into Canada, we want to wish inventor voyager Louis Palmer and his talented tech team the best. If you haven't had a chance to witness bits of this remarkable journey, enjoy its complete documented trip at www.solartaxi.com. For an extremely funny spoof on the Solar Taxi and the wild west, have a look at www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZtvH1MhRaE&fmt=18. And for an insider visit and a "spin" behind the wheel, Plug In America documentarian Stefano Paris video-taped his ride (www.stefanoparis.com/redirect/Solartaxi-Simi.html
Solar Taxi is a battery-operated solar electric vehicle that has logged thousands of miles driving across America -- north to south, west to east -- the ultimate road trip.  Its mission is to circumnavigate the world to raise awareness about solutions to climate change.  When Solar Taxi was in Los Angeles, it captured the attention of Jay Leno, Larry Hagman, Tony Shalhoub and James Cameron who came out for rides.  While en route to the east coast, Solar Taxi made a stop at General Motors and when it reached New York, it drew the attention of the United Nations Secretary General. We wave a fond goodbye and look forward to its return!

Linda Nicholes
Plug In America

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