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Thanks for that post. The article touches on a lot of issues. I think that the safety issue of the Tesla is one interesting point. The Tesla passed all the crash tests and they nailed it with a really safe battery system too. The article author also mentioned that GM brought us the Hummer. I believe that isn't exactly true. GM bought Hummer after sales were already growing fast. And the reason for that was also safety. I was at the 2003 Advertising Research Foundation conference when the GM chief marketing strategist explained that the Hummer is most like bought and driven by a female (since this conference I've seen a lot of soccer Mom's with a Hummer and Starbucks in the cup holder). A big Hummer makes people feel safer. Greenies also like Hummers. I met a gentleman at the Better Living Show who had more than one Hummer running on Biodiesel.

This year I heard Rob Ferber speak on a panel, he is a battery scientist and worked with Tesla. One of the panelists suggested that Electric wasn't very likely in big trucks ...and Mr. Ferber pointed out that 200 ton submarines were electrically powered in the early 1900s. 

It seems to me that like the Tesla pushed the sports car end of things, that there will likely be a market for large EVs too. The more people see the possibilities, the more likely that your battery costs will go down too.

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You can only read the preview portion of the article from your link (unless you pay $$) but the entire issue but the article is available here: 

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Cover article in this weeks New Scientist Mag.
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