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Hi all, I am new, I hope I'm doing this right...

Regarding legislation, we really need to encourage both manufacturers and
consumers to innovate and take risks to increase the implementation of zero
emission transportation.  I think anything that uses the grid to charge
should tie into point of use solar and wind incentives.  Actually, the
infrastructure must grow together - Washington State predicts a 500MW grid
shortage so they have passed carbon free production legislation that gives
tax based incentives to manufacturers and performance based incentives to
consumers.  It was passed in 2005 and not really reaching critical mass.
Like so many things it is such a chicken or the egg situation - I think we
just need to wait for the natural economics to drive the demand up and the
production scale will drive the prices down.  But, we can't charge the car
if the grid is dead, so I really think (hope) we will see more point of use
generation and large (20MW+) carbon free wind or solar power plants.

Regarding Li Ion batteries - Continental/Enax and A123 are making big Li Ion
battery modules which look very easy to integrate in vehicles (to me, they
look like huge AA batteries with lug terminals).  But they will not sell to
the backyard conversion folks like most of us (I tried).  Actually, A123
will sell small, expensive cells as part of their developer's kit - I am so
tempted.  I guess we just wait.

Joel Gentleman

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Today's Topics:

   1. Legislative change suggestions? (Emily Ramage)
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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:30:19 -0700
From: "Emily Ramage" <emily at arcimoto.com>
Subject: [Oeva-list] Legislative change suggestions?
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Hello OEVA Folks,
I've emailed this group once before to announce an EVent in Eugene.  This
time I am emailing to field suggestions.

A little background -- I work for a locally owned EV company in Eugene.  We
are currently in the R&D phase of building three-wheeled EVs, and plan to
start production early next year.  For those folks who requested information
last time I sent out an email, I am really sorry for not getting back to you
with details.  We are further along in the process now, and I can provide
information at this point to those who would like it (or take suggestions
from those who would like to give them).  To avoid spamming the OEVA email
list, my work email is:  emily at arcimoto.com.

Anyway . . . To The Point!

We are putting together some suggestions to submit to the legislature this
session.  I would like to know if anyone has suggestions for items that they
would like changed, introduced, etc.  We will probably submit a preliminary
document by the end of this week or early next week.


Emily Ramage
emily at arcimoto.com
(541) 683-6293
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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 18:18:35 -0700
From: garry painter <garry at europa.com>
Subject: [Oeva-list] You kids....
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I've always been amazed at how everyone at the OEVA is so on top of  

Breaking news every morning on my laptop.

FINALLY! a scoop......

My sister sent me the following today:

Berlin - A factory making lithium-ion batteries for hybrid- drive  
cars opened in Germany Wednesday, with owner Continental saying it  
was the first in the world to mass-produce the storage cells. Smaller  
lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries for laptop computers and  
other uses are common round the globe, but most fuel- saving hybrid  
cars use an older technology, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.

German components group Continental's factory in Nuremberg will make  
batteries weighing 25 kilograms and allow electric motors in cars to  
supplement the output of combustion engines by up to 19 kilowatts of  

The technology is to be installed in Mercedes S400 Blue Hybrid cars  
from the middle of next year, Continental said.

The factory can make up to 15,000 of the batteries per year.


anyways... should we be excited about this company?
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