[Oeva-list] Got an idea to help the world? Here's $10 million

patrick0101 at gmail.com patrick0101 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 18:05:27 PDT 2008

 Google offers $10 million for helpful

CNN - 9/24/2008 - Got an idea that could change the world, or at least help
a lot of people? Google wants to hear from you -- and they'll pay as much as
$10 million to make your idea a reality. To help celebrate its 10th
birthday, the ambitious Internet giant is launching an initiative to
solicit, and bankroll, fresh ideas it believes could have broad and
beneficial impact on people's lives. Called Project 10^100 (pronounced "10
to the 100th"), Google's initiative will seek input from the public and a
panel of judges in choosing up to five winning ideas, to be announced in

This could be the seed money for that EV start-up that you have been wanting
to do.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon
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