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Can someone offer Yin chenjia advice?



Rick Barnes

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Subject: Question about electric vehicle research in American universties


Dear Rick Barnes



Sorry to bother you!


I am a graduated student from Automotive College in Tongji Uni. in China and
major in automotive electrics. I plan to further my study in the United
Stats and electric vehicle technology is my target field because I am quite
interested in it. I find your e-mail address on the page of Electric Auto
Association which aims to "promote the advancement and widespread adoption
of Electric Vehicles". I believe electric vehicle, especially plug-in EV, is
of great potential and will be widely used one day. I hope I can make some
contributions to develop such technology and release a new vehicle which is
affordable to the public. In order to realize the goal, the first step is
going to the American University which is professional in this field.
However, it is not convenient to get such information in China because my
teachers are not familiar with the American universities or their research
progress. Could you please recommend me some universities which are
researching EV technologies and have graduate program on it? Thank you very


Your reply is very appreciated.


Best regards!


Yours, Sincerely


Yin chenjia


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