[Oeva-list] A bit more about SYNKROmotive

David Boyd david at synkromotive.com
Fri Sep 26 09:38:50 PDT 2008

Greetings OEVA members,

As some here already know, we have been developing several EV power  
components over the last couple years. My partner, Ives Meadors, has  
been working on motor controllers since the early 2000's (sounds so  
strange to say that...). My background is in industrial design, and  
together we are designing a very complete, versatile and modular EV  
drive system, including motor controllers, BMS and charging systems,  
and LCD displays. As I'm fond of saying, Ives is the brains, I just  
make it look good...

We are nearing completing on our first product, a DC series motor  
controller with a host of very nice EV integration features that  
should make the conversion process much simpler. I'll post a link on  
our site when I can get the pdf file up there for everyone to view.  
We are about to release a Beta Program involving 10-15 people, many  
in the OEVA, to do our final real world testing and obtain drive data  
logging and user feedback. We've had a bit of a hiccup in the  
process, as the company that made the  heatsinks I designed our  
assembly around just went into receivership (ThermoFlo, for those who  
care...) So I'm now in the process of RFQ'ing our HS design to new  
extruders. If anyone has suggestions for an extrusion house that can  
do a high 'tongue to fin' ratio extrusion, please let me know!

On other fronts, we've been prototyping a new BMS/charger/monitor  
system that's going to be a really great product for the EV  
community. It's modular, and will work with any number of PbA  
batteries, and soon lithium. It will fully communicate with the  
controller for complete battery protection, charge control and  
monitoring and will also work as a stand alone system with any other  
controller, but without some of the more advanced features. Sorry to  
be a bit vague, but we're still working on some potential IP issues.  
We will release more info shortly.

As for our web site, we've been running 'under the radar' because we  
don't want to fall into the trap of many overly zealous EV companies  
who over promise and under deliver. We're very conscious of backing  
up our claims with real product that exceeds expectations. We're also  
just too darn busy to finish the site up! But we have a rough edit  
done that we'll put up in the next couple weeks.

Until then, if you have specific questions about us or our DC motor  
controller, or are interested in the Beta Program, feel free to drop  
me a line. E-mail is best. I will attend the next OEVA meeting (Oct)  
and bring some demo product with me and answer more questions at that  
time. Also, the pdf Beta spec sheet is just that... Beta. Some things  
may change, but overall it's very close to production spec.

I would like to thank all the members who have stuck with us (in  
secret...!) and a big shout out to Tony McCormick and Travis Gintz  
for their support in what we're trying to do.

David Boyd

david at synkromotive.com


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