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Hi All,

    I received this message about the "SpiritOfDC" educational tour from Rick Barnes.  The vehicle should be passing through sometime in the next 2-3 days.  If you go to spiritofdc.com and click on the MAP link, it'll show you exactly where the car is in real time.

Tim Kutscha
OEVA Chair

From:Jerry Asher Sent:Wednesday, September
24, 2008 10:37 PM
"Spirit of DC" PHEV3A Update ... for Seattle EVA, Vancouver EVA and
Oregon EVA
Seattle EVA'rs (Steve & Donna, John, Bruce, Don, "Father Time,"
et al), Vancouver EVA'rs (Don, John, Walter, Alan, John, Gordon, Haakon et al),
and Oregon EVA'rs (Rick, Eric, Gary, Paul, Brad & Donna, John, Scott, et
al) - 
is a preliminary "Spirit of DC" Plug-in Hybrid EV All Around America
(PHEV3A) update (to be posted more graphically and colorfully on the www.SpiritofDC.com website).  Right
now, the "Spirit" has visited her 33rd State Capital - Salt Lake City
... and her 19th EAA Chapter - the Utah EV Coalition (UEVC) members at a superb
get-together with some 300 kids at the Morningside Elementary School. 
On Friday, the 25th of September, the "Spirit" moveth to Boise, Idaho
- the 34th State Capital, ... to Helena, Montana - the 35th ... afterwards,
it's back to Idaho to 'rendez vous' with the Panhandle EVA members near Spokane,
Washington, which may be probably late Sunday evening. 
Probably on Tuesday, 29 September (depending perhaps on Media EVents with the
"Spirit"), it's on to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Olympia, Portland
and Salem ... .  What's going on day- by-day is not so certain, only the
routing and hypermiling EVforts on blue highways.  But hopefully,
telephonic notice within 48 hours will be there.  However, you can track
the "Spirit" by clicking on "MAP" on www.SpiritofDC.com. 
Now do peruse the below update. 
EVer from
Salt Lake City, 
of DC" & EVJerry Asher  (202) 486-5450 
The Spirit
The Plug-in H ybrid Electric V ehicle 
Traveling All A round A merica ! 
..Because seeing is believing. 
Join us and
the thousands who will get to see History in the making -- creating the first
EVer All American Prius PHEV – and maybe influence some of it - during this
groundbreaking EVenture: a state-by-state “show & tell” of the excitingly
real, astoundingly practical plug-in-powered vehicle that spells FREEDOM of
choice and FREEDOM from America's slavish reliance on gas! 
… 101 MPG assisted with electric opportune recharging as the projected Goal
or cuss! 
Spirit of DCUpdating: 
Spirit of DCaimed ideally high – 10,201 miles in at least 101 days along
with a daily 101 MPG, as achieved through plugging in standard 110-volt
electricity for recharging as much as possible. Now all in a good cause, the
“Spirit” wanted to introduce Americans across the landto the real and
practical Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle – a real-life demonstration of
real-life capabilities that we can do NOW. The “Father of the Modern Plug-In
Hybrid,” University of California at Davis Professor Andy Frank, said, "A
long electric range PHEV is first an EV," and we consider our PHEV the
"Spirit of DC" in the same way! Yet, realities do set in. See www.SpiritofDC.com 
While it’s
still real for PHEVs to provide America desperately in need of a viable
choice -- something that’s a realistic, appealing alternative to $4 and $5 per
gallon gas, …, something that’s environmentally clean and lean, as in
plugging-in at 60–80¢ worth of Kilowatts of electricity at the GGE (gasoline
gallon equivalent) rate! The “Spirit” has to re-adjust the daily goal of 101MPG
assisted by electricity to that of hitting six five-minute increment of
101MPG in a row, as shown on the Prius screen for Consumption. Simply and
essentially put, this is due the lead acid battery limitations and availability
of charging outlets, as well as time constraints in a 24-hour day. However,
that re-adjusted goal could change dramatically … should Nickel Metal Hydride
(NMH) … or even Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries appear for the “Spirit of DC’s”
What then
back in April, 2008, seemed ideally possible within a 101-day timeframe has
morphed into a 1,001 Nights of Eventure! So that takes some adjusting!
Particularly in view of time and climate constraints with Autumn fast
approaching and a return to DC … fingers crossed before Thanksgiving. 
diminishing financial resources that need replenishing are also to be factored
in. For example, the “Spirit” has traveled some 11,000 miles all around the
Eastern Coast and into Canada several times, across the MidWest and thru the
Rocky Mountains ... with the first submitted gasoline bills and tolls
amounting to well over $550. The electricity for charging has been really at
“no cost.“ Also, the graphic signage for the “Spirit” is over $500. Lodging
costs, maintenance and miscellaneous expenses remain to be tallied. Note:
EVJerry here has taken on his on meal expenses. 
So, in view
of the wintry weather prospective, the “Spirit of DC” PHEV3A EVducational Tour
intends to do at least the Lower 48 State Capitals plus Vancouver,
Canada. Later on, should financial resources become available, the “Spirit‘s”
game to be back and taking on Juneau, Alaska and Honolulu, Hawaii. Aside from
postponing a visit with Alaska EAA Members, the “Spirit of DC‘s“ goal of
meeting up with EAA Members in some 50 separate Chapters in the Lower 48 States
and Canada remains in tact. And even visiting new EAA Chapters developing along
the way back to Washington, DC, such as the Sun Coast EVA in Central Florida,
and prospective ones in New Mexico and Arkansas! 
The rationale
in the first place for PHEV3A remains the same -- the “Spirit of DC“ as a Prius
PHEV is first an electric vehicle. The PHEV3A Committee believe PHEVs provide
an alternative to using gasoline while it’s gas at nearly $4/gallon, by
providing the choice of plugging-in at 60, 70, 80 cents worth of GGE Kilowatts!
In brief, it’s about Freedom of Choice! 
Spirit of DC PHEV 3 ATour is enabled through the participation of those who
routinely contribute uncommon energies and resources, on the PHEV3A
§ Conversions
by Mike Harvey with Angelique Atkins at Harvey Coachworks, Knoxville , MD - www.HarveyEV.com <Angelique.Atkins at HarveyEV.com> 
§ PHEV system components from Robb Protheroe - Plug-in Supply, Petaluma, CA www.PluginSupply.com <Robb at PluginSupply.com> 
§ Specialized rear springs made readily available from Caroline Coquilletten of
Luscious Garage, San Francisco, CA www.LusiousGarage.com                                                          
§ APRS (Automatic Position Recording Systems) tracking from Professor Bob
Bruninga Bruninga at usna.edu 
§ “Spirit of DC” Graphics designed by Chip Gribben FuturEV at radix.net                                 
§ Upgrading the "Spirit" with CAN Circuit Boards by Chris Ewert from
Fox Valley EAA Chris at InfoLaunch.com                                                               
We are also
grateful to the many within the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater
Washington, DC (EVADC ) who generously donate materials, expertise, time, and money – resources
critical in keeping The "Spirit of DC" PHEV3A show on the road, since
the "Power of DC" on 31 May 2008. And particularly those outside
EVADC as well, whose willingness to join in provided synergy and EVnthusiasm to
PHEV3A EVducational Tour. Especially important is the synergy from the PHEV3A
Committee and the Team Work encountered along the Blue Highways of North
America from EAA Members, which is opened to one and all. 
donations of money, time, or materials (batteries; a place to stay for the
driver; meals; media attention, electricity; etc.) make all the difference.
It's team work for sure.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to give progress a
jump start — join The Spirit of DC PHEV3A effort, and be a
team player in helping America wake up to the electrifying possibilities!
The “Spirit” only has 15 more State Capitals to visit and
some 30 separate EAA Memberships before triumphantly coming back to an
“All American” Return to Washington, DC! 
of becoming a Sponsor? Contact PHEV3A Co-Chairs:
§ At our
virtual PHEV3A operations Center - Joseph Lado joelado at yahoo.comand 
§ “On the Road” PHEV3A driver "EVJerry" Asher at EVisionA2Z at usa.netcell (202) 486-5450. 
of making a PHEV3A-denoted donation? Contact PHEV3A Treasurer: 
Treasurer, Bryan Murtha, Murtha at comcast.net 
7105 Persimmon Lane 
Owings, MD 20736 

— EVer yours, 
 Joseph Lado, EVJerry Asher, and the PHEV 3A Committee. 

Electric Auto Association 
Post Office Box 651 
Bisbee, AZ  85603 
(520) 432-3227 - Home 
(202) 486-5450 - Evening/Weekend Cell 

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