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Travis Gintz frodus17 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 09:31:13 PST 2009

Thank you Pat for setting this up. I know his family appreciates all of the

I have also taken donations via the elmoto.net website from some of the
other members. We plan on getting him a little gift and card when people are
able to start visiting (not allowed right now). I'm in close contact with
his mother and she's been updating me on his status. Its looking positive,
but he's still got a ways to go. I'll try to update as I find out more.

I wish I could be there at the thursday meeting, but I have another meeting
that conflicts..... Thanks a ton Pat for doing this.

Travis Gintz

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 10:51 PM, <patrick0101 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Nathan Abbott came to Oregon to buy a Brammo Enertia with the idea of
> driving it all the way back home to Atlanta GA. At ~40 miles per charge, it
> was going to be a long 25-day adventure. However, his trip was cut short
> before he ever made it out of our state. He was hit by a 20-year-old in an
> Audi A4. He suffered serious injuries and was in a coma for three days. He
> recently woke up from the coma (on Nov 30th). One week later he is doing a
> little better, his feeding tube is out, he's awake more often, and he's
> communicating. He is out of the ICU and now in TracU. It is a small step in
> the right direction.
> I will be collecting for his recovery fund at the December meeting, if you
> would like to make a donation. If you will not be at the meeting, or prefer
> to donate online, you can do so at: http://www.giveforward.org/idiot/
> The fund has a meager $5000 goal and is currently at ~$2800. Every small
> donation helps. You can make a positive impact.
> Forgive the "idiot" portion of the URL. Nathan summed up his (then pending)
> adventure with these 99 characters “One idiot, 3,800 miles, & an electric
> motorcycle with a 42-mile range. What could possibly go wrong?”.
> Regards,
> Pat
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