[Oeva-list] Holiday Party!

richard.reinoehl at verizon.net richard.reinoehl at verizon.net
Thu Dec 10 00:10:08 PST 2009


Why don't you arrive just before the time the meeting usually starts (people are usually still arriving during that 30 minute 'social' time).  Once you arrive we can tell folks to start heading in, and we can be getting the pizza laid out while they wander up.  I'm thinking that members may be a little hungrier than usual by then, but then they will enjoy the food even more.  I'm thinking (perhaps wrongly) that people will be expecting the 'party', ie, food, to start at the usual meeting time.  If folks say they wish we would have started food earlier, we can say, "what a great idea, let's do that next time".

Looking forward to your arrival.  I'm already thinking of you as Santa Clause.



I talked with the Pizza Man.. I will add an extra. suggested mix..:
1x Veggie
1x Garlic Chicken
1x Peperoni
2x Hawaiian
2x Combo
2x Meat Lover

When is dinner?  Hot and Fresh Pizza is best.. so I will bring em direct from
 the Oven in Orchards to World Trade. ASAP

...I'm donating Oreos, Milk and Brownie drops

             Daniel T "Bubba" Conway 


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