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Hi OEVA members-- just wanted to share our great news in Lincoln City!  Of course OEVA folks can always stop by our place for an emergency charge, we are located near the outlet mall in the middle of town, email me in advance.  --Joanne Daschel

City gets all charged up about cars
Electric vehicle charging stations to be installed

The News Guard

Lincoln City is aiming to plug into increased interest in green transportation by installing six electric vehicle charging stations to cater to environmentally conscious visitors.

The City has contracted with the California-based Coulomb Technologies and its Washington-based distributor, Charge Northwest, to buy six charging stations at a cost of $21,000.

Money for the stations will come from the Visitor & Convention Bureau, the City department charged with bringing visitors to the community.

Sandy Pfaff, executive director at the VCB, said the department's online surveys have revealed a growing interest in electric vehicles as visitors look to minimize the emissions caused by their vacations. 

"People are acknowledging that they are concerned about the environment, moving to hybrid cars for their travels," she said. "So the consumer interest is picking up substantially."

Kurt Olsen, director of the Lincoln City Urban Renewal Agency, said the list of potential locations for the machines includes the newly completed parking lot in Taft, the community center, the cultural center and the N.W. 17th Street parking lot in Oceanlake.

Pfaff said she will seek guidance from Council as to whether the stations should be grouped in one location or divided between two or more sites.

The City expects to install the machines after Council's Dec. 14 meeting. 

Coulomb Technologies spokesperson Anne Smith said the company's Level 1 machine, which operates at 110 volts and 16 amps, takes about eight hours to fully charge an electric vehicle, depending on the battery. 

Olsen said those charging times will be cut in half in the Spring after the company swaps out the 110-volt models for the new, Level 2 version, which operates at up to 240 volts and 30 amps.

Smith said the Level 2 machine takes about four hours to fully charge an electric vehicle, again depending on the battery. 

Olsen said the charging time helped shape the shortlist of potential charging station sites.

He said staff has proposed locations in pedestrian-friendly areas of town, where visitors can go to shops and other attractions on foot or by bus while waiting for their vehicle to recharge.

While the charging stations would be perfect for day-trippers, Olsen said, the City is hopeful that some electric vehicle drivers will choose to stay overnight and bring business to local hotels.

Pfaff said the City will market the charging stations through its e-newsletter as well as asking local hotels and restaurants to pass the news on to their customers.
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