[Oeva-list] Electro Automotive Status?

Richard Hamje richard at hamje.net
Thu Dec 17 07:17:10 PST 2009

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recent experience with Electro Automotive?  I ordered 
a kit from them in July and still don't have all the parts.  They have 
never responded to emails, and when I call I get Bill Lentfer's voicemail, 
but he never returns the call.  I fear they are down to just one person and 
may be folding.  I'm out about $3000 for the remaining parts (charger, 
converter, relays, main switch) if I have to buy them elsewhere.

Has anyone in the group had dealings with them lately?  Do you know anyone 
besides Bill at the company who I could call?  It's frustrating and a 
little scary if they're down the tubes...


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