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Tweetyourmail.com is owned by a friend of mine. If you have any feature requests, send them to me and i'll forward them on!
My first test post were the Nissan LEAF vids Patrick posted.

thx, Shashi

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tweetyourmail.com is one simple way to share a large email. You it to them, they make into a webpage and give you a link that you can share. Readers do not need to join. I had looked in to wuala a long time ago, it was not as simple, but maybe it is better now.

Here are a couple tweetyourmail examples: 

However, I am OK with any email less than 1GB :)
With Great Power, Comes Great Current and High Voltage   =D~

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 12:35 PM, Alan Batie <alan at batie.org> wrote:

>With modern mail being what it is, I'm considering substantially
>>relaxing content limits on the list, and wanted to find out what the
>>group thought was appropriate.  This shorepower newsletter is a good
>>example of both issues:
>>1.  It's relatively commercial.  Do people want that here?
>>2.  Actually, it's not bad size wise, so it's not really a good example
>>there, but how big is too big for people?  I'll make a plug for
>wuala.com as a really easy to use app for sharing large items with web
>>These questions seem to pop up here more often than other lists I
>>manage, so I thought I'd revisit it...
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