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I'm in the same camp as most of you. It looked good but, details, Not so
Obviously they are still working on the secret sauce.. and have enough space
in the Leaf to greatly vary
 the Battery and drive technologiey details. Nissan has always been much
looser until release of a vehicle than Toyota..

These are the ruminations of a Litium guy...
The battery cut-away they showed off, was a four pack of large Li-Po,
Lithium Polymer, cellular phone style
 batteries, 150Ah sized plates, end view of a Prismatic, sealed in a
stackable can.
These are the largest Lipo's I've seen, 10 Ah are considered hugh and
require a 10 ton machine.
 These looked to be stamped, actually vacuum packed, with a 30 - 40 ton

Depending on how they are "juicing" them, truely the special sauce of a
 Each manufacturer has a propriety mix of the electrolite ratio and the
minerals in suspension.
They can build a Li-Po cel to operate from 1C to 40C easily, and have a
nominal Voltage from 3 to 3.7 volts.
 However anything over 6C discharge / 2.4C charge, and a 3.3v nominal goes
up in price. So to go from 6C to 10C
costs about 40% more, 20C is 90% more, These numbers are the admitted cost
from two of my friends that own
production facilities in Shenzhen China. These numbers should get cheaper as
the volumes go up and competition
drives down the sell price.
 The Nissan/NEC Pack should be a minimum of 40 Ah to 60Ah a "bag".  I'm
assuming 50Ah, due to the phisical size
 and norm "Sauce" in a Li-Po cell.  So could be a 3.4v 200Ah cell, 4x 50Ah,
or a 13.6v 50Ah, 4x 3.4v, cell per
 battery pack in a "can".  They could fill the cans with coolant or jel too
if they want to stablize thier temperatures in each can.
 It would be nice if someone has pics, hint hint... to figure out the number
of "cans" in the area under the front and back seats..  I'm thinking 3 of 4
in the front, and Brian made it sound as if there are 2x the battery under
the back seat as the front.
I'm wonderring if 4 cans are a Battery , ie. 12volt units, or if a can is a
12v unit?  What is the thaught guys? 3 or 4 cans per battery stack under the
front seat? did any one look at the floor pan from under the car..? Does it
drop, raise or is it flat?
 Polmers will easialy live @ 3C discharge for a min. of 1500 cycles, and if
juiced can go to 40C albeit maybe 120 cycles, assuming 20% DoD.. and staying
above 80% capacity..

So many variables..  so little details...  :')~

Oh, as for Commercial contributors, I'm ok with it, as long as blatant
Advertizing is not included..  Mr Kim's info has good links and info on the
Electrification of America..

            Daniel T "Bubba" Conway

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