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I didn't get any pictures, but the floor of the vehicle was flat and appeard
lower than a typical vehicle.

Jeff Kim

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 2:46 PM, PREMIUM-USA <pusa411 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm in the same camp as most of you. It looked good but, details, Not so
> much.
> Obviously they are still working on the secret sauce.. and have enough
> space in the Leaf to greatly vary
>  the Battery and drive technologiey details. Nissan has always been much
> looser until release of a vehicle than Toyota..
> These are the ruminations of a Litium guy...
> The battery cut-away they showed off, was a four pack of large Li-Po,
> Lithium Polymer, cellular phone style
>  batteries, 150Ah sized plates, end view of a Prismatic, sealed in a
> stackable can.
> These are the largest Lipo's I've seen, 10 Ah are considered hugh and
> require a 10 ton machine.
>  These looked to be stamped, actually vacuum packed, with a 30 - 40 ton
> press.
> Depending on how they are "juicing" them, truely the special sauce of a
> lithium.
>  Each manufacturer has a propriety mix of the electrolite ratio and the
> minerals in suspension.
> They can build a Li-Po cel to operate from 1C to 40C easily, and have a
> nominal Voltage from 3 to 3.7 volts.
>  However anything over 6C discharge / 2.4C charge, and a 3.3v nominal goes
> up in price. So to go from 6C to 10C
> costs about 40% more, 20C is 90% more, These numbers are the admitted cost
> from two of my friends that own
> production facilities in Shenzhen China. These numbers should get cheaper
> as the volumes go up and competition
> drives down the sell price.
>  The Nissan/NEC Pack should be a minimum of 40 Ah to 60Ah a "bag".  I'm
> assuming 50Ah, due to the phisical size
>  and norm "Sauce" in a Li-Po cell.  So could be a 3.4v 200Ah cell, 4x 50Ah,
> or a 13.6v 50Ah, 4x 3.4v, cell per
>  battery pack in a "can".  They could fill the cans with coolant or jel too
> if they want to stablize thier temperatures in each can.
>  It would be nice if someone has pics, hint hint... to figure out the
> number of "cans" in the area under the front and back seats..  I'm thinking
> 3 of 4 in the front, and Brian made it sound as if there are 2x the battery
> under the back seat as the front.
> I'm wonderring if 4 cans are a Battery , ie. 12volt units, or if a can is a
> 12v unit?  What is the thaught guys? 3 or 4 cans per battery stack under the
> front seat? did any one look at the floor pan from under the car..? Does it
> drop, raise or is it flat?
>  Polmers will easialy live @ 3C discharge for a min. of 1500 cycles, and if
> juiced can go to 40C albeit maybe 120 cycles, assuming 20% DoD.. and staying
> above 80% capacity..
> So many variables..  so little details...  :')~
> Oh, as for Commercial contributors, I'm ok with it, as long as blatant
> Advertizing is not included..  Mr Kim's info has good links and info on the
> Electrification of America..
> ...
> THX..
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> Premium-EV
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