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Overall I really liked the Leaf.  A little disappointed no under the hood 
views were allowed.
Concerning this information provided at the show.
The range in town is better then on the freeway was because of regen. The 
reason for better mileage in town is because of stop and go driving with 
This is incorrect. 
Your very best range will be on 35 MPH roads that you do not have to stop 
on. If you are in very heavy stop and go traffic that might be enough energy 
lost that you could travel at 40 or 45 MPH still get even greater range. 
Here are some facts
You never get the best range using regen and driving like an ICE
EVs get their best range at around 30 to 35 miles per hour without 
If you must use regen you will recover energy but you would gain more range 
if you could coast. It is always better to coast then it is to regen. 
Stopping will never give you more range. 
Every time you have to stop you lose range not gain. 
Regen will recover some of the loss of having to stop but not all of it. 
The recovered energy using regen does not make up for the loss of energy 
needed to bring the vehicle back up to speed. 
It takes far more energy to start a vehicle from a stop then you ever 
recover from regen braking. The only exception to this would be going down a hill 
to a stop.
Any time you convert energy there is always a loss. 
Of course if you must slow down or come to a stop then it is better to put 
the energy back into the pack. 
If you do get better range in town then on the freeway it is only because 
of aerodynamic losses at freeway speeds. It has nothing to do with regen 
making your EV range increase with regen stopping. If you tell this information 
to non EV drivers. They will wrongly believe it is best to use the regen 
braking. That doing so will recharge the car and increase the range.

Don Blazer
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Sure, here's one:

Q: Can you open the hood so we can see what's underneath?

A: "No."  Then something like "there's really nothing interesting under
there anyway, just compressor, controller box, etc."

My opinion: It was a great sales pitch and the LEAF looked like a modern
car.  And the pitch made it sound like it's real.  Beyond that, it was sad
that it didn't compare to the splash that Toyota made at OMSI several years
ago where they brought 4 cars, various detached parts, knowledgeable
engineers and allowed us to look all through the car and at the parts before
we actually got to take each Prius out for lengthy spins around town.

Most disappointing: While we got to see 2 power plugs, we didn't get to see
its 10kw charge rate demonstrated----I, for one, am curious how 10kw
recharge rate is deemed safe for battery boxes mounted under each seat and
with no cooling.  Seeing it plugged in and seeing a gauge indicate its
sucking 10kw from OMSI's grid would have been interesting.  As it was, there
was little to interest the engineer in me---and I'm not a technogeek.

-Myles Twete

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We had many OEVA members at the Nissan Leaf event tonight. It was a good
turn out and Nissan even gave out free t-shirts if you signed up for their
mailing list. 

We asked a lot of good questions of Mark Perry, the Leaf program manager.
Here are the Q&As that I recall. These are not verbatim: 

Nissan Leaf Questions
To Mark Perry of Nissan

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