[Oeva-list] The Leaf in Special Sauce.. 7.4v 100Ah cells

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 Don T. got this:

I was trying to justify the numbers. I was told it has a 350V pack. Also I
was told 48 of those battery modules under the seats and floor. At 3.7 V /
cell that would be 355V, at 50ah / cell it is 35.5 KWh for the pack. At 80%
DOD = 28.4 KWh of driving power. As I recall he said 4.1 miles per KWh, in
answer to my question, which nets 116 miles. At 70% DOD it’s 100 miles +
regenerative braking.

..Definitely Li-Po, is a very easy , sweet spot, mean voltage for polymer..

but with 48 "cans" they would have to be a 2p2s Li-Po battery, a very common
 battery in the RC flight industry.

7.4v 100Ah is therefore likely , 48 x 7.4v...  A very possible 355.2V DC x
100Ah, 35.5KwH pack,
 very nice indeed..   they could be de-rating the pack as Chevy is with the

            Daniel T "Bubba" Conway

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