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Myles Tweet wrote:

Most disappointing: While we got to see 2 power plugs, we didn't get to see
its 10kw charge rate demonstrated----I, for one, am curious how 10kw
recharge rate is deemed safe for battery boxes mounted under each seat and
with no cooling.  Seeing it plugged in and seeing a gauge indicate its
sucking 10kw from OMSI's grid would have been interesting.  As it was, there
was little to interest the engineer in me---and I'm not a technogeek.

Brian from Nissan mentioned that the huge socket on the right is the Japan
440 volt std. and the ~30mm socket 2 power, large, +3 data.  We in China
refer to these
 plugs by power +data, so this is a 2+3..  I'm a bit confused, because all
the J1772
I have seen are ~50mm sockets with a 3+2 config.

On the 10Kw charging, is very easy on a 35.5 Kw pack.. exactly perfect,
given most charger are about 87% net efficient, so 87% x 10Kw = 8.7Kw net,
exactly 25%
of 35.5Kw.  One can easily charge Li-Po at .5C, and they would push at only
Here on PUD power I have 240 vac, so 10Kw is ~42 amps, on a 50A breaker,
less than my flash hot water heaters pull..  I'd like to charge them at
24Kw..  :')~

The Japan Electric socket should carry 100amps @ 440vac, 44Kw x 87% eff.
 is 38.3Kw net, and if the pack bottom is 70% DoD with a top of 90% full,
for a flash charge.
 It is easy to push Lithium to 90% quickly, or about 22Kw pack that would
take 35 min.
@ 1.08C... sweet...

 And very possible even if  the Li-Po cells are not encased, in a coolant.
They should not incur detrimental "puffing" of the vacuum bagged envalopes.
Myself, I would use a coolant. If the air volume in each "can" is say 1.5
Qts, that would
add about 3 lbs each of glycol/ water, or ~145 Lbs for coolant, a good trade
off for
battery life.. And the right goodie mix could also nuetralize the potential
of a "run-away"..

...Just some guesses, but looks in the ball park ..
Oh, did someone get some pics of that battery "can"..???  I'd love to study
it more...  :')~~~

            Daniel T "Bubba" Conway

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