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At OMSI, I talked to the tall guy with the ski cap.
He said the battery pack has 4 cells per module, and 48 modules.
The 48 modules are divided in half into the two packs under the front seats.
There are still quite a few series/parallel combinations.
Just depends upon your assumptions at that point.
Let's assume about 4V per cell for a round number.
On the low side, for 4 cells in each moldule would be in parallel.
That gives 4V per module, and 96V per 24 modules.
If the two 24 Module halves are in parallel, it is a 96V pack.
If the two halves are in series, it is a 192V pack.
Now, at the other end, let's assume each module has 4 cells in series.
That gives 16V per module, and 384V per 24 modules.
The two 384V halves can be either parallel or series.
Highest case, the 384V halves are put in series and we have a 768V pack.
So, the pack has to be either 96V, 192V, 384V or 768V.
Did anyone get them to spill the beans in more detail?
Gene Climer


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> Oh, did someone get some pics of that battery "can"..???  I'd love to
> study it more...  :')~~~

I was there yesterday and got some pix, though not sure you can see much...

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