[Oeva-list] 2008 ZAP Xebra PK -- $8950 OBO

Christine Jeibmann bilquistmrsj at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 22 00:56:16 PST 2009

What can I say -- economic times have my finances a little tight.....  I don't want to really sell Big Red but I think it is the best move for me right now.....  

Purchased June 2008 for $13,000 from Eco-Motion
Less then 4000 ZAP miles
Fire Engine Red
Spray-on Bedliner
On Board Charger
Paktracker installed July 2008 ($200) 
upgraded to 84 volts (7 batteries) in July 2008 ($900) -- Thank you Shorepower!!  

Gently used.  Have not let battery pack go below 50% more then a handful of times.  I can travel from Milwaukie to Downtown Portland comfortably on a charge.  Maximum speed 42 mph.  

Pros/Con combined: 
3 wheeled vehicle so only requires motorcycle tags which are inexpensive. 
Motorcycle insurance -- full coverage only costs me $230 A YEAR through Progressive!!  
No airbags / crumple zones. 
Made in China -- expect not the best quality but it is decent enough!! 
Seriously only costs about .02 cents per mile to operate!!  
NOT freeway legal but is expressway legal and I can keep up with traffic on McLoughlin Blvd / Grand Ave. 

Feel free to e-mail me off list if you would like additional information and/or pictures!! 


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