[Oeva-list] Loading the Leaf and a Sauce update

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Wed Dec 30 10:21:56 PST 2009

The elevator music makes it very hard to actually hear the silence.
Also, I had a hard time hearing the comments being made.
Oh well. Maybe he is trying to get it on ETV?   ;-P

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Jon Gilbert and I watched the transport crew load the Leaf up Sunday at Midnight..

Here's his tube:

Oh, the pack voltage is 345vdc..  Lithium Manganese, 48 cells in 2x sets of 24 "cans" each.
24 on their side under the back seat, and 12 each flat stacks under each front seat and rear floor.

It equates out to 7.18 vdc nominal per can.. so, 3.7 volt LiMn chemistry, a few combinations are possible..
I'll let you guys know what my LiPo guy thinks when I see him at CES the 7th - 10th next mo..

            Daniel T "Bubba" Conway 


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