[Oeva-list] Update on Lincoln City charging stations - ribbon cutting

Joanne Daschel jdaschel at embarqmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:15:48 PST 2009

In case anyone is available to attend-- we will be there with our 1980 ElectraVan but would love to see other, more modern vehicles there as there will likely be press coverage.  We can offer a place to stay if anyone is willing to make the drive and needs to charge overnight, just email me.  -- Joanne Daschel

This was sent to me by the head of Urban Renewal in Lincoln City, Kurt Olsen:

We are planning our ribbon cutting ceremony for January 11 at 4pm.  We sure hope you are able to attend.

This is an update to the event you have listed on your website

The City of Lincoln City is installing six Coulomb Technology Electric Vehicle Charging stations in three locations.  The first two will be installed in the public parking lot at 1226 SW 50th Street.  A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 4 PM on January 11, 2009.

The two other installation locations will include the Community Center (approx. NE 22nd, near the Dairy Queen) and the Lincoln City Cultural Center (formerly DeLake Elementary, near the D River).

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