[Oeva-list] For Sale: Electric 1975 Porsche 914

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 19:32:05 PST 2009

For Sale: Electric 1975 Porsche 914

Get ready for a global-warming summer and high gas prices by getting your
very own electric convertible Porsche!  Only 2 cents a mile electricity costs!


Fully restored car with new paint (red) and upholstery (tan/red)
Enhanced with custom wheels, CD stereo and aluminum seat adjuster handles
Custom steering wheel, rebuilt VDO clock, and fog lights
Front turn signals are European style and all rear lights are super-bright LEDs
Brakes upgraded with BMW 325i calipers for better stopping
Newly rebuilt transmission with new synchro rings

70 mph top speed and 50 mile range (expect to drive 25 miles at 50% DOD)

914 AC kit from Electro Automotive installed:
AC24 motor with DMOC445 controller
Zivan NG3 charger with dual charge settings
PakTrakr with serial logging
Integrated hair dryers for defrost
Tachometer works
Oil and Alternator light show controller status

Vehicle uses 18 8-volt US8VGC-HC batteries, but you can change them if desired.

Batteries are two years old and still have 20 driving miles to a charge, but
could use replacement for longer term use.  Car has 9,000 EV miles on it.

Selling for $20,000 AS-IS or $25,000 with new batteries, firm

Contact Tim: (tim_kutscha at yahoo.com) if interested

I'll bring this to the OEVA meeting next week on February 12th


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