[Oeva-list] OEVA Monthly Meeting, Thurs. Feb. 12th

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 13:54:55 PST 2009

Hello OEVA folks, 

It's time for another monthly meeting next Thursday, February 12th. 
Everyone, member or not, is welcome to attend our meetings.  We'll gather 
as usual at 7:00PM for show-and-tell of EVs and start the meeting at 7:30PM. 
We meet at Two World Trade Center at 1st and Salmon in SW Portland. 
The courtyard will be open to display vehicles and provide some charging. 
The street-side charging will also be available just across 1st Ave. 

Agenda for the general meeting: 

- Welcome new people (logistics like membership, T-shirts, flyers, e-mail list) 
- Announcements (Claire Luton working on EV Insurance)
- Review past EVents and upcoming EVents 
- More details of EV Awareness Day
- Updates on member EV projects 
- Break into subgroups 
  Michael Drewry or Tim Kutscha will host the newcomers group 
  Patrick Connor will host the EV Awareness Day group 
- End the meeting so we can get home or look more at EVs 

Please feel free to bring information, questions and vehicles! 
Non-OEVA-members are welcome to attend! 

Tim Kutscha 
OEVA Chair 


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