[Oeva-list] Oregon's new AFTERMARKET bill

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed Feb 11 10:36:34 PST 2009

John Benson wrote:
> I'm not sure what the problem is really either?
>  (d) Restrictions and prohibitions on the sale and distribution
> of after-market motor vehicle parts, including but not limited to
> tires, if alternatives are available that decrease greenhouse gas
> emissions from motor vehicles;

The problem is that the legislature isn't defining what those 
restrictions and prohibitions are going to be.  If EQC makes rules that 
only ban the egregious offenders, fine.  If it makes rules that are too 
draconian, it's counter productive and becomes another black mark 
against "environmentalists", who already have a bad reputation in a lot 
of quarters for badly handled regulations.  And it's a solution for a 
problem that doesn't really exist: the after market parts that are 
actually a problem, are such a small part of the problem that's it's not 
going to make one whit of difference.  It's "feel good" legislation that 
makes them look like they're doing something while just creating red 
tape and solving nothing.
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