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Marshall, Wendy Wendy.Marshall at ci.gresham.or.us
Thu Feb 12 07:31:28 PST 2009

Those who have always lived in Oregon may not have a grasp of how most
Americans think, as Bob and Garry have had a chance to witness.  I moved
here from Virginia 8 years ago and never looked back.  Recycling bin =
garbage can.  I never once walked to a store.  Everyone drives a big
redneck truck.  MAX is the name of your nephew.

I recently sent home a copy of the Gresham Outlook article on my
converted Prius.  My family (North Carolina) never even responded...they
think I have become some Birkenstock-wearin' tree-huggin' hippie freak.
I take that as a compliment!

We should all stop and take the time to appreciate all the eco-friendly
options we are lucky to have in Oregon.


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   1. Re: Oregon's new AFTERMARKET  bill (garry painter)


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.."However, I believe most of the world doesn't care at all"...  Bob

More often than not, it looks that way.

I was down in Alabama a few years ago and noticed there were no  
sidewalks, no crosswalks, no pedestrian signals at traffic lights.
I asked my sister, "Why don't they have sidewalks here?"
She said it was because no one walks anywhere.
They all drive.

About a year ago, my nephew in Texas sent out a family wide email  
that sounded a bit frantic.
It was about the necessity to become self sustaining.
In the email, he listed off nearly everything we take for granted, as  
things we had to do. (recycling, mass transit, bike paths, efficient  
vehicles, etc, etc.)
I thought he was a bit nuts.
Why was he telling everyone that we need to do all that, when we are  
already doing all that?
Then it hits you; "He ain't from around these parts"

Maybe this new law is aimed at the buying habits of recent immigrants  
to Oregon, who may not understand how we think here.

"Bad Timmy! No you may not put a dual quad manifold with 1500 cfm  
carburetors on your new Prius!"

On Feb 11, 2009, at 7:17 PM, Bob Stewert wrote:

> Danilo,
> Good answer.  However, I believe most of the world doesn't care at  
> all.  I recently was on a drive trip from NYC to N. Carolina.  I  
> saw so much waste, lack of care, garbage on the roads, the air was  
> filthy.  Employees in fast food restaurants, gas stations and  
> motels gave me puzzled looks when I asked something as simple as  
> where are the glass/plastic recycling bins.  Cigarette butts/trash  
> all over sidewalks from NYC to small towns.  Even some of our  
> "educated friends" don't care.  In Charlotte, NC (a modern city in  
> the South) I counted 6 Prius cars in 5 days.  Here in Portland I  
> can see 6 Prius' in 6 min. sometimes.
> Just scanning the bill, it seems there are 1000 better ways to  
> spend the time, money and effort.  For example, rather than paying  
> 5% more for green energy from PGE (like we do), you should have to  
> pay 5% more for dirty energy.  Rather than pay $1 for a can of coke  
> and then give 5? back for the can, you should have to pay $2 up  
> front, then get $1 back for the can.  It's not worth the 5? to most  
> people.
> So it seems to me you either have to make the thing financially  
> attractive, or cram it down your throat with a gov law.  Since most  
> people want the lowest price, you see what's left.  I don't think  
> it will pass.
> Bob

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