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The trucks don't have to be charged on the literal electrons that the PV
system makes. In fact, it is better if they don't. The PV system supplies
power to the grid during the day (when it needs it most). This helps
stabilize the grid and it allows the PV owner to sell power at peak rates.
Then by charging at night, EVs use power when there is a surplus. Nighttime
also tends to be when it is windiest. So large scale overnight charging
would allow for more wind turbine power generation.
So even if they could store the power and use it directly in the trucks, I
would argue that grid-tied solar powered-EV charging is more of a net

If you drive like there is no tomorrow, it may become self-fulfilling

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> And charge the trucks off solar panels on the roof? Like, while they're
> parked there.. at night?
> Just sayin'.
> Curt
> > Hi All,
> >
> >   Here's an editorial article I received that you might be interested
> in regarding
> converting postal service vehicles to electric.
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> > Cheers,
> > Tim
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