[Oeva-list] (Sale at) EcoMotion

Julie Mikalson mikalson2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 17 12:45:44 PST 2009

Wow, check out the current discounts at EcoMotion.  
Perhaps email this one to friends who have been considering it?
I was discouraged to read the quote in the CS Monitor article saying  EcoMotion thinks they _saturated_ their _market_ early?  Doubt THAT one, very much...
IMO, most folks still don't even know they exist.
Let's help move this inventory...by getting the Link to people leaning that way, 
and perhaps invite them to meet us for a closer look.  Tax Preparers might be
 interested also, as they often help Clients plan timin of purchases to take advantage of Rebates and Credits.
(Disclaimer: I've no financial interest in the Company..just want ZEV's to multiply )

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