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Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 07:45:43 PST 2009

Hi Janet,

  If you switch from a DC to an AC motor, you'd probably have to replace the motor, the controller and the adapter plate but you could keep the batteries if the voltage was high enough for the AC system.  AC systems typically require higher voltages (200-300V) to run well, especially for heavier vehicles.  The other gotcha is that most controllers for DC motors typically require *lower* voltages (120-156V) at higher current, so you may have some hassles there with batteries too.

Regarding a "free" DC motor, you might be able to find a used forklift motor in a local salvage yard, but it may not be powerful enough for your application.  As I vaguely recall, you were interested in converting a Jeep or something similar.  Forklift motors are powerful, but not fast (ever see a forklift going down the freeway?), so your vehicle might only be good around town.

In my opinion, used batteries are much more hassle than they are worth.  A used pack is typically unbalanced and doesn't have the capacity that you might be looking for.  If you have lots of time and not a lot of money, you might be able to acquire more batteries than you need and analyze each one to pick out the used ones that would work for you.  Given all the other things to worry about, I wouldn't do it, but perhaps other folks have some opinions.

I've never used a battery heater in either of my conversions, but I do park my vehicle in the garage.

Remember, its a learning process.  Best wishes with your conversion.

OEVA Chair

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I want to ask a couple questions as I'm nearing the start of my conversion.

If I went with DC motor for less expensive conversion, how hard would it be to switch to AC later down the road when I had more money?

How likely do you think it would be for me to find a "free" used DC motor in the PDX area?

How many folks use "used" batteries on their vehicles?

How many folks have a "heater" on their batteries for winter driving?




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