[Oeva-list] I was looking at new EVs being developed and I was drawn toward this...

Tony tony at notebene.net
Thu Feb 19 08:30:47 PST 2009

I saw this on the net about 6 (or more) years ago.  The lack of any real 
information or availability at the time lead me to thing it was a hoax 
or (at least) a dead end. But what do I know? :-)

Sean McCann wrote:
> "new" battery.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanadium_redox_battery
> "The main advantages of the vanadium redox battery are that it can 
> offer almost unlimited capacity simply by using larger and larger 
> storage tanks, *it can be left completely discharged for long periods 
> with no ill effects*, it can be recharged simply by replacing the 
> electrolyte if no power source is available to charge it, and if the 
> electrolytes are accidentally mixed the battery suffers no permanent 
> damage."
> Pretty interesting.
> It looks like Subaru may be using this battery in it's "Potential" 
> electric car.  Nothing like a bunch of concepts based on "new" 
> technology.
> http://electricandhybridcars.com/index.php/pages/electriccarnews.html
> Has anyone else heard of this battery?  Is it on the market yet?  I 
> can't find a source for actual purchase of this battery type.  This is 
> just a heads up for you all with potential new tech.
> Sean
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