[Oeva-list] Tyco Kilovac Contactors - EV200

Travis Gintz frodus17 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 14:18:07 PST 2009

I figured I'd ask anyone on the list locally if they're interested in going
in on some of the EV200 contactors on ebay.
If we get 5 contactors, they're 54 a piece, if we get 10 they're 49.50, if
we get 25, they're 36 each. Onesie twosie they're $63. I don't want to
profit, just pay what I pay, we're just saving by doing a group buy.
Shipping is free.

I know Bob Simpson wants a few, but I figured we'd ask. I can bring them to
the next meeting.

These have the economizer. Good for voltages on the contacts of 12-900V,
500A continuous, 2000A break, 1.7W holding current at 12V, and no back EMF
(no diode needed).


Let me know, we want to order some this week. At this price, they'd be good
to have a few extra.

Travis Gintz
1986 Honda VFR DC conversion
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