[Oeva-list] MOTOR SIZE

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Sun Feb 22 22:14:16 PST 2009

These all seem way too small.

My Honda Insight weights 1800 lbs, and uses an average (not peak) 10KW 
(14 HP) to go at freeway speeds. You may need use proportionally less if 
the smart car is lighter, but then again you may want to go up a hill or 

The peak rating on my motor is 26.2 KW, or 37 HP.

Unless you want to be an NEV, you should have considerably more power to 
move with traffic and go up hills.


. wrote:
> Want to ask the experts in our group
> I have a choice of 3 engines which one would be the best one for a smart
> size car 2 SEATER
> 72V 6.5KW AC MOTOR
> 120V 8.5KW AC MOTOR
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