[Oeva-list] Solar car coming to Portland

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 3 09:03:42 PST 2009

Hello OEVA folks,

   Here's an excellent opportunity to support a truly sustainable EV. 
Marcelo da Luz is driving a solar car across the country and coming to
Portland around the end of next week.  He needs a place to stay and
charge his vehicle (see attached photo) for a few days.  I would offer
to do it, but I'll be out of town next weekend and early the following
week (ugh, bad timing!).
     I'm sure Marcelo has some amazing stories about his travels.  The
video at www.xof1.com is great.  I have a bunch of photos that Marcelo
e-mailed me in case you'd like to see them.  I didn't attach them due
to the size restrictions with our e-mail handler.  Would someone please
be willing to support Marcelo in his efforts? 
Please contact Marcelo and CC me (tim_kutscha at yahoo.com) so I know that
this has been covered.

Tim Kutscha
OEVA Chair

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From: Marcelo da Luz <mdaluz at xof1.com>
To: Tim Kutscha <tim_kutscha at yahoo.com>
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Subject: Re: Solar car in Portland, OR

Hi Tim,

Nice to hear back from you.

Attached are photos of the tour, feel free to share it with others.

expect to arrive in Portland by the end of next week or early the
following week. The length of my stay in Portland will depend on how
much sunshine we get.  Considering this is not the best time of the
year to be in the area it may take a while but hope we'll get luck with
a few days of sunshine.

At the moment I have one confirmed volunteer to help drive the support vehicle. I'll know about the second early next week.

Any contacts or support you may be able to provide is appreciated.

Marcelo da Luz
The Power of One, solar car project
Ph. (416) 465 9459, Mobile (416) 834 0788
E-Mail: mdaluz at xof1.com
Website: www.xof1.com

"inspired by the sun, motivated by the environment"

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