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John RA Benson jrab at e-m-w.com
Sun Jan 4 12:29:11 PST 2009

The 30 mph rule is about NEV's - vehicles like golf carts that don't pass or
need to pass crash tests. Nobody in their right mind would want to drive a
golf cart at 60 on the freeway. If a vehicle is built that an pass crash
tests, it can go as fast as it can. Since motorcycles (meaning 3 wheelers)
don't need to pass crash tests, they aren't speed limited. That is why fast
3 wheeled EV's like the Sparrow are around, and fast 4 production wheelers
aren't - crash testing is expensive! That said, I'd take my chances in a
Sparrow over a motorcycle any day.

Take a car that HAS been crash tested and make it as fast as you want!

Like Don said, recycle those ICE into EV's and we can reduce the ICE impact
on landfills, take a polluter off the road and reduce consumerism with the
big auto manufacturers. Those are all Really Good Things. And we can do it
already. Tax incentives for converters and consumers that do conversions
would be show the state is interested in really promoting green values and
benefit a broader spectrum of the population, not just a few manufacturers.


On 1/4/09 6:32 AM, "cje at hevanet.com" <cje at hevanet.com> wrote:

> I'm not sure there's anything Oregon can do about the 30mph speed limit
> issue. Isn't that a federal rule?
> Curt
> Lurkin'
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