[Oeva-list] Offer of Chevy S-10 donor vehicle for EV

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 11 15:42:02 PST 2009

Hello OEVA folks,

  Dave Jacob has a running Chevy S-10 (see below) he'd like to generously offer to a member as a donor vehicle for an EV conversion in exchange for a charitable donation.  This provides a great opportunity for someone getting started on an EV.

Please contact Dave directly if you are interested (donovan_one at comcast.net).

Chair, OEVA

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Dave Jacob (donovan_one at comcast.net) has sent you (office: chair) the following feedback from the OEVA website:


I have an old 1993 Chevy S-10 that I'd like to donate to your organization and/or make it available to your members. 

We just replaced the Chevy S-10 and the dealer would only offer $100 in trade for it. The S-10 does run but we typically do not take it far from home. 

I'm not looking for a tax write off. I have heard that Chevy S-10's make a good electric vehicle. If possible I'd like to prevent this vehicle from ending up in the dump. If one of your members would like the truck then I would just give it to them. 

What I ask in return is that whoever accepts the truck make a donation to a non-profit organization in return. We did this with a previous vehicle. The folks we gave the vehicle to gave $500 to the Portland Women's shelter. However I'm very flexible on the amount and/or non-profit organization. 

I live in Columbia City which is 30 miles N of Portland on Hwy 30. If someone is interested in the truck then I'd be happy to drive it into Portland so they could take a look at it. 

Feel free to email me and/or give me a call at (503)397-9728. 


Dave Jacob


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