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Wed Jan 14 01:03:12 PST 2009

As most of you know, the Awareness Day EVent in July is the OEVA's big
annual event. So, it is never to soon to start planning it.

There are currently two dates being considered July 4th and July 11th. If
you have an EV and you are highly likely to bring it and attend the event,
here is what I kindly ask you to do: Please respond to this email and let me
know 3 things.

1) Your name
2) Which day(s) you could attend. If either date works, even better.
3) What EV(s) you plan to bring. Any sort of plug-in vehicle qualifies: BEV,
PHEV, EREV, electric assist bike...

Please respond directly to me only. I'll publish the vote tally and then we
can have open discussion based on the data.

I will be sending another message soon asking for coordination and setup
help. If you'd like to help with the event (EV owner or not) please wait for
that email to let me know. I also have a list of names from the in-meeting
survey that Tim passed out. I'll be contacted the volunteers from that list

Thanks in advance.

If you drive like there is no tomorrow, it may become self-fulfilling
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