[Oeva-list] Need help with Solar Car event tomorrow

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Where is it again?


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Hi OEVA folks,

I realize this is short notice, but we could sure use a few people to help
out with the Solar Car event tomorrow night.
Please show up if you can and seek out myself (Tim Kutscha) or Michael
VanDerWater from Solar Oregon to pitch in.  I'll bring flyers and some OEVA
cards.  Hope to see some of you tomorrow.  Please reply to Michael and I if
you can make it.

OEVA Chair

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Hi Tim,

I am wondering if there is anyone from the OEVA who would be interested in
helping out at this event.  Crowd control, answering questions about the car
and project etc.

People will show to see the car at 5:00.  Presentation is at 6:15.  
I think that we are going to put the car right in the lobby at the Ecotrust
building.  Fun!

And.  If OEVA wanted to have am info table at the presentation, there are a
few tables just outside the room.  We will probably set up there as well.
This is the perfect OEVA/Solar Oregon event.

Michael VanDerwater
Executive Director
Solar Oregon   
Office 503-231-5662


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