[Oeva-list] which one is right for me?

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If you haven't seen it already, the Yahoo Xebra-EV group is a good source of information regarding how various batteries have actually been performing in the Zap Xebras based on customer experience. 
Just briefly reading thru some posts in the Xebra-EV group, a couple things stood out. First, people have been reporting problems with Discover batteries. That was notable because a little farther back in time Discover batteries had begun to develop something of a good reputation. But frankly, they have only been available in the U.S. for a few years. So thats not a long track record. Its likely that the lack of a good battery management system is a contributing factor in some of the reported problems.
Second, some posts indicated better results using Trojan T-1275 12 volt deep cycle wet cell batteries. They deliver less power then the AGMs but their cycle life is expected to be superior. Upgrading to a 84v or 96v string would help compensate for less peak power delivery.
If it were me, I'd wait to see what results Gary finds if he is able to test the existing pack. Is it just one battery that is weak, or are others in decline as well?
Either way, if you plan on keeping the vehicle for a while, one worthwhile option may be to eventually transition to a Delta-Q charger (if one is not already onboard your vehicle) and a string of 12-volt deep cycle wet cell batteries.  
With the wet cell batteries you would have less expense and no battery management system worries. The batteries would require periodic watering although an automatic watering system is an option. The PK truck is a nice platform for wet cell batteries because they are outside and behind the passenger compartment thus preventing exposure to any venting or electrolyte spills while driving the vehicle. Wet cells would not be advisable in the Xebra sedan. 
I had poor results with Universal AGMs in my Geo EV. Another battery to avoid is the Deka 9A31 AGM. Fullriver is a newer label and so comes with an element of risk. 

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Subject: [Oeva-list] which one is right for me?
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I'm looking to replace one of my batteries in a line of six.

I have Discover 12 volt AGM, 140 A-h (@20), group 31

It seems my options are...

Universal AGM, 110 A-h (@20)

Fullriver AGM, 140-150 A-h (@?)

Odyssey APM, 300 A-h (@25)

Does anyone have any experience with any of these batteries?  If so,  
would you please write me and let me know what you know?


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