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A Chevy EV truck like mine and Don Blazer's for sale. Don is the local
expert on these for repair help & service.

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Subject: [S10-EV] Selling my Chevy S-10 Electric
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I need to sell my 1998 Chevy S-10 EV.  I don't have a safe place to charge
it here in San Francisco.  It needs a good home to keep the batteries
conditioned while awaiting a fix on the fire issue.  It is in great shape
and gets about 35 mile on hilly SF and my freeway driving. May likely get
40-45 miles on more flat city terrain.  Please contact me if interested and
feel free to bid what you think it is worth.  I'm not selling components or
parts. It will be a whole package deal.  I can send you lots of pictures.
Here is the listing I'm preparing for craigslist, local EV groups and
possibly Ebay:

For sale:

1998 Chevy S-10 Electric
Mileage: 40,270
With "Access OK" Stickers - (VERY valuable!)

Price:  Highest bidder or will sell to the first person that hits $19,900
with no other higher bids

Included Upgrades:
Chrome Wheels (maintaining the recommended Goodyear Assurance tire at 15"
Cargo Bay Fiberglass Cover with Bed Liner
Canvas Car Cover
Top of the Line Kenwood Excelon Stereo System ($4,000 value installed):
           Sirius Satellite Radio
           Multiple Speakers with Subwoofer
           Navigation System
           DVD player
           I-pod plug in glove compartment (including the I-pod)
           Security Enabled with removable face plate
Remote Electric Door Locks with Security System
Bluetooth with charger
Dual leather bucket seats in place of bench seat (not wired for power, but
could be)
Palm Pilot with monitoring software, plugged into diagnostic port and
mounted on dash
Original Configuration was Lead-acid Batteries, converted to NiMH in 2005
           Could be converted back to Lead-Acid with software reversion

Included Accessories:
2 Magna Charge Large paddle chargers
           One for wall mounting
           One on wheels for portable charging with 30' extension cord
Small paddle charger adapter
Snap on 220 Volt meter for home 220 V line to monitor power use
Spare tire with jack
Complete Two Volume Set of Service Manuals
Complete set of manuals for Kenwood Excelon system
Tech2 Flash Computer for servicing and diagnosing ($3,900 value new)

Known Issues:
Charging should not be done indoors or near structures due to recently
discovered defect
           Leading to potential fire from battery pack
           Fix is planned and experts working on it
Fire extinguisher system suggested to be installed in battery pack for added
Performance Chevrolet in Sacramento will still service this vehicle

Thank you,
John Wilson
Wilsonofsf at aol.com
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