[Oeva-list] Business Meeting Minutes - Jan 22, 2009

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 23 09:04:36 PST 2009

Hi All,

Here are the meeting minutes from the OEVA business meeting last night at my place.  We discussed non-EV related items involving group direction and how the organization is run.  We plan on having these quarterly.  Paid members may join in at future business meetings.

OEVA Chair

Minutes from OEVA Business Meeting on January 23, 2009

Attendees: Ray Blackburn, Phil Hochstetler, Gary Graunke, Patrick Connor, Jeff Kim,
   Ron Jayasuriya, Mike Drewry, Paul Burkey, Tim Kutscha


Introduction of everyone in the room

We decided to have quarterly business meetings.  Place would be determined by
number of members wishing to attend.  Smaller gatherings could happen at
people's homes, larger ones could be at larger rooms like Synkromotive,
FreeGeek or even PGE.

We wrapped up loose ends resulting from the transition between the old
treasurer and the new.  Ray will present a treasurer's report at all
future business meetings and once yearly at a general membership meeting.
Ray will also post a list of currently paid members at the next few
general meetings to make sure nobody who paid recently was dropped.

EV Awareness day will be on Saturday, July 11th this year.  Patrick will
gather folks in a sub-group at the next general meeting and decide whether
we should keep this event at non-profit status or upgrade to "commercial"
status and have vendors pay an entrance fee to make up the difference.

Discussion of whether we should pursue 501(c)3 status.  Having this status
will encourage members to donate more money for tax purposes and will
enable matching donations from corporations.  Ray will research the
requirements for this.  The Seattle EV group (SEVA) recently fulfilled
the requirements for this and might serve as a good reference.

Discussion of HPV/Electrathon event over memorial day.  Patrick is full
with EV-awareness day, so Gary will talk with Thomas Breedlove to
determine how we can "start small" and work with our partner organizations.

The "EV Grand Prix" event will be tabled until we receive more 
contacts from the person interested in making it happen.

Tim expressed frustration with possible burn-out.  Ron stepped up to
serve as Master of Ceremonies at monthly general meetings.  Other board
members agreed to step in and run monthly meetings if Tim was unable
to make it.

Open discussion on where we should go as an organization.  OEVA is going
through growing pains and member needs are changing.  More commercial
EVs are showing up at meetings as they become available on the market.

Our basic mission statement is good.  There's a shift from EV-awarness
to EV "guidance" where we need to educate people in the proper care and
use of their EVs.  We want people to stay happy with their purchase.

We currently don't have an officer to research EV public policy.  With
the governor's sustainability plan, many laws are being made.  We should
be part of this.  Gary will do more research.

It would be great if we could find an old garage and use it to help
people with conversions.  Since this is a large step, we'll table it
for a future business meeting.

Possible future meetings:
February: sub-groups (esp. EV awareness day)
  Jeff will share about the committee he's serving on
March: EV 101 presentation by Gary
April: sub-groups again
May: another presentation TBD

The idea of an OEVA post office box was mentioned.  We could use mail
forwarding to have the p.o. box mail sent to whatever address we wished. 

Ray reported that we are getting low on T-shirts and bumper-stickers.
Tim suggested that we change the design and make more for EV-awareness day.

Phil suggested that we add a Wiki or some other user-editable content
to the OEVA website.  Alan Batie, our ISP provider tried to load some
packages, but it was incompatible with the older Apache software on the server.
Phil will research this more.

Action Items:

Ray will look into the requirements for becoming a 501-3c non-profit

Ray will post a list of currently paid members at the following
three meetings to verify accuracy of current membership

Patrick will decide whether we should pursue "commercial" status for
EV-awareness day.

Patrick will look into getting a post-office box with mail forwarding

Gary will serve as a contact for the HPV/Electrathon event for
Memorial Day weekend.

Gary will research finding a policy-awareness group leader

Phil will look into user-editable content for the OEVA website

Tim will try out different T-shirt designs and present them to the group

Tim will send out the example Bylaws that he worked on

Tim will type up and send out the business meeting minutes


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