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Ray Blackburn oeva_treas at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 16:36:07 PST 2009

Hi members.

I have been waiting for my car from Hybridtechnologies for about 6 months now and went and picked it up about a week ago.  The car is really zippy.  Gas cars have to work really hard to keep up with me from a red light.  So far I have gone 70 miles at speeds of 55 mph or more on the same charge I went an additional 25 miles in the city.  There have been a few glitches but I think the computer worked through that.  I went to the coast with a friend in it.  We left 197th and Kinammin in Aloha to Otis Oregon wich is east of Lincoln city about ten miles.  Yes the car would have made it to Lincoln city no problem but I have a friend that lives in Otis and he has 220 charging available.  The trip was 80 miles according to Garmin GPS satellite one way.  We charged for 6 hrs and then returned to Aloha.  It was dark by then.  The headlights, heater, wipers were all used on the way back and it didn't seem to make any differance.

I have had the car up to 75 mph it does really well and is so much fun to drive.  It is a converted 08 Toyota Yaris with all options that were available in 08.  Including AC, power door locks,windows,rear defrost and rear wiper.  It also has fog lights and keyless entry.  It is so much fun I can't stop driving it.  I will bring it to the next OEVA meeting on the 12th of Feb.

Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer.

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