[Oeva-list] Tim Resigning as OEVA Chair

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 21 19:12:02 PDT 2009

Hello OEVA members,

I feel apprehension as I send this message out to you.
After much contemplation, I have decided to resign as chair
of the OEVA.  My life is out of balance right now and there
are many other personal things I need to work on.

I'd like to emphasize that this decision is driven by personal
reasons and my own path in life and does not indicate any conflict
I've had with people within the OEVA.  I've enjoyed working with
all of you and intend to remain active in the electric vehicle

After notifying the OEVA board and discussing this with them,
my intent is to do a debriefing of EV-Awareness Day at the August
meeting, talk about the responsibilities of OEVA officers and
then hold an official election at the September meeting.

If you are remotely interested in becoming chair of the OEVA,
feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to talk to you about
what it involves.  We have a Google group for the board which
makes decision making fairly easy.  We also have written "howto"
documents on how to run meetings, hold an EVent and run
EV Awareness Day.  In setting all this up, I'm hoping to make the
transition to the new chair as smooth as possible.

I would like to strongly emphasize that being chair of the OEVA
does NOT require owning an electric vehicle and, quite frankly,
doesn't require much technical knowledge of EVs.  I perceive
that the biggest need our organization has right now is for a
"people" manager to delegate, direct and have a vision for moving
the organization forward.  We have plenty of competant technical
folks, but I think this organization would be best served by
an organizer who can defer questions to the right people, if needed.

Nominations for all OEVA officers are open at this point.  If you
wish to nominate someone (or even yourself), please let any
member of the OEVA board know.  You can contact us through
the OEVA website under the "contact" menu item.

Again, I'm honored to have worked with such a sharp group of people.

Best wishes to you all.

tim_kutscha at yahoo.com

p.s. As a side note, Patrick Connor and Jeff Kim have been nominated
by other board members for the chair position; however both have
declined to accept the nomination.


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