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My TV schedule shows this as to have aired Wednesday evening 7/22 but it
didn't.  I was expecting the worst.  Glad to hear it will be showing after
all, though I'll have to Tivo Bill Moyers! 

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20/20 is running a special edition on Friday called "Over A Barrel: The
Truth About Oil".

With Americans facing another summer season of rollercoaster-type gas
prices, ABC News' Charlie Gibson has traveled the country to uncover some of
the little known secrets of the oil industry, including why prices fluctuate
so much and what exactly is behind it. "Over a Barrel: The Truth About Oil,"
an ABC News special reported by Gibson, will air on FRIDAY, JULY 24

Americans consume a quarter of the world's oil, yet make up only 3% percent
of the global population. When confronted by these facts by Gibson, Energy
Secretary Steven Chu admits "we're headed for a train wreck." Gibson also
sits down with General Wesley Clark, the former NATO commander who discussed
the role that oil played in the Iraq war.

I hope there is at least a mention of plug-in vehicles during the "what will
we do about this?" section.

If going without is not an option, go efficient
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