[Oeva-list] Someone needs help with their 2006 Zap

Pete Skeggs plskeggs at noeticdesign.com
Thu Jul 30 10:16:41 PDT 2009

We've used Tom Dwyer for many years on a variety of ICE vehicles and 
they do really good work.  I have not yet had them work on my Zenn NEV 


cje at hevanet.com wrote:
> I don't know about Lou's issues, but people on the list may be 
> interested to know. I parked my Xebra PK at my mom's a while ago and 
> someone put a flyer on the windshield from Tom Dwyer Auto Repair saying 
> they work on electric cars, and to keep them in mind if I had any 
> issues .. dunno if anyone here has dealt with Dwyer's shop or anything 
> else but I figured I'd spread the word. If anyone's interested. 
> Curt Erickson
> Lurkin'
>> Hi All,
>> I just received this request for Zap Xebra repair help.  Is there 
> someone who can help Lou
> out?  Is this a good job for Shorepower/Synkromotive?
>> Please contact Lou directly.
>> Thanks,
>> Tim
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>> Lou and Ruth Conrad (ruthconradical at comcast.net) has sent you 
> (office: chair) the
> following feedback from the OEVA website:
>> Hi, I bought a used 2006 Zap Xebra that needs some repairs, but I do 
> not know who to bring
> it to! I am desperate. My back lights and blinkers are not working, I 
> have no windshield
> wipers, the forward/neutral/reverse switch isn't working reliably, so 
> my car does not
> always start... I need new tires and the back one is rubbing against 
> the frame of the car
> when I turn left or if there is any weight in the back. What do I do? 
> Where do I go? I
> hope you can help me! I sure love this car, and need these repairs to 
> keep it.
>> My name is Lou, and my phone number is 503-348-2738. The email and 
> name attached to this
> message is that of my mom's, Ruth, who you can also converse with since 
> I do not have
> internet access at this time.
>> Thanks for your time!
>> Lou
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